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Journey to a Mysterious Island of the Dolls | Article 2022

Journey to a Mysterious Island of the Dolls If you have been asked to list some famous movies where doll plays an important role then sure you will list up the below movie names.  Dolls (1987) Child's Play (1988) Puppet Master (1989) Dolly Dearest (1991) Demonic Toys (1992) Dead Silence (2007) The Conjuring (2013) Annabelle (2014) Poltergeist (2015) The Boy (2016) Annabelle: Creation (2017) Yes, many of us more or less have seen the above movies but this article is not on that. This article is about an island which is full of dolls. This is neither a story nor fake gossip. This is true and real. More than 1500 dolls are available now on this island and those dolls have been collected for 50 years. Before going into the history of this island let's take some ideas of different types of dolls. Different types of dolls There have been dolls in human society for 4,000 years. We'll list a few of the many distinct kinds of dolls that exist. Corn husk doll:- Native Americans crea

First Indian Female Paralympian

First Indian Female Paralympian

- © Supam Roy (Sabuj Basinda)

No matter where the writing begins, today every word of this article is proud of that 19-year-old girl. It is like the birth of another inspiration from the flame of one inspiration. One accident is enough to end life completely. That girl might have died that day, her name might have been unknown to us today, but it didn't. The girl who came back after overcoming death is not the one who got back to normal life after the 2012 car accident. The 11-year-old girl lost her legs for the rest of her life. The dreams of her life turned into gray in an instant. From then on, the wheelchair became his constant companion. At that very moment one finds oneself helpless, weak and worthless. That thought also came to the girl's mind. Even though she became known to everyone in the society as a handicapped person or the handicapped seat on one side of the bus was reserved for girls like her, she never accepted the word ‘handicapped’ or ‘disabled’ from her mind. The girl from Rajasthan proved today that any person can reach her goal, can fulfill her dream, no matter how many obstacles her body has. The flag of India was seen floating high in the sky in the court of the world. The name of that girl for whom the flag was hoisted is Avani Lekhara.

In 2015, she was studying in the ninth grade. She had not been out of the house since the 2012 car accident. She used to go out as much as she needed to study. Looking at her own legs, she was losing her morale little by little every day, her interest and excitement in her daily life was slowly diminishing. Life was becoming a kind of burden. At that time her father took her to archery and shooting range. She gained the most courage from her father's encouragement. Then she thought she would be admitted to the shooting range. Her father admitted her to the shooting range. She could not lift the 5 kg rifle in the first 10 meter range. Encouraged by her father, she participated in various competitions. She participated in various state level competitions starting from school competitions. She competed with better shooters than her and won gold medals in competitions like KV Nationals. For a time she needed money to train in the shooting range. She did not have enough money to buy a rifle. But she did not have all the equipment for that training. She had to practice her shooting with a borrowed rifle. Her father bought her an autobiography of Abhinav Bindra. As she read the book, her morale and confidence began to rise. At one point, her mind began to sparkle like a spark. Another flame ignited from the flame of inspiration. The financial problem that was going through was also solved. Later, companies like Paralympic Committee of India (PCI), Ministry of Sports, GoSports Foundation, etc. came forward to bear the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment for her training.

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.”
- Bill Gates

Dreams can be fulfilled only with great perseverance and positive thinking. It is through that hard work, perseverance and positive thinking that Avani Lekhara have risen from the wheelchair with her only mind and both hands. India's first female Paralympian, Avani Lekhara broke the world record by scoring 249.6 points in the 10m Air Rifle SH1 Shooting at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, defeating China's Qiping Zhang Cuiping and Ukraine's Iryna Shchetnik who won silver and bronze respectively. We all salute her. Along with her victory, India has won many more medals at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020 this year. This victory is the victory of all our Indians. We are proud we are Indians.