Top 10 Features  of  Google Travel

It enables customers to look for and compare flight prices from various airlines and travel companies.

It enables visitors to search for hotels, compare rates from various booking websites, read reviews, and look at hotel photographs.

It enables consumers to look for holiday packages with flights, hotels, and rental cars.

It provides users with a central location to view all of their travel information and to keep track of their forthcoming excursions.

It helps consumers find attractions and activities in their destination, including tours, plays, and museums.

Users can use this to plan their itinerary by viewing the locations of hotels, airlines, and activities on Google Maps.

Depending on a user's search history and preferences, it offers tailored recommendations.

It allows users to do multilingual language searches for travel-related information.

It allows consumers to set up price alerts so that they're informed when the cost of flights and accommodations changes.

It enables customers to use Google Assistant to research, plan, and book their travel. Also gives flight status information.