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Mytona Game Company

Mytona’s History

MyTona was technically founded in 2012, but its chief executive and chief operational officer, Alexey Ushnisky, began developing games more than ten years prior. Growing up close to Yakutsk, they used their Super Nintendo to play games like Mortal Kombat. Since the weather may drop to 60 below zero where they brought up, it was strongly advised that they play inside. The business started off as a tiny independent studio dedicated to creating casual games for desktop and mobile platforms. It first produced a number of well-liked games, such as Toy Defense and Merry Days Farm.

However, it only achieved widespread acclaim and success after the 2015 publication of its debut hidden object game, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. Seekers Notes soon gained popularity among gamers thanks to its in-depth plot, difficult puzzles, and gorgeous graphics. The app stores included the game, which earned favourable reviews from critics and is still one of it’s most well-liked games today.

It continued to create new games and updates after the popularity of Seekers Notes, including the time management game Kitchen Diary and the augmented reality game Ghostbusters World. Together with growing its staff, the business opened offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as other nations.

It has dedicated itself to making engaging, engrossing games for gamers throughout its existence. The business has won praise for its creative approach to game design and dedication to forging a devoted user base. Mytona, which has a history of achievement and a dedication to making exceptional gaming experiences, is a leading player in the mobile gaming market as it expands and changes.

Development process

In order to create engaging games of a high calibre, Mytona’s development approach heavily relies on multi-team collaboration. Normally, the development process is divided into the following stages:

Idea and arrangement – The primary transformative phase includes fostering a game idea and coming up with an itemized methodology for how the game will be made. This includes figuring out who the game’s objective market is, fostering a storyline, and making a model.

Art and design – Mytona puts a ton of significance on the game’s visual plan, and the workmanship and configuration group attempts to foster the visual style of the game, which incorporates the person plans, foundations, and other visual parts.

Programming – The group responsible for writing computer programs is accountable for composing the game’s code and guaranteeing that everything functions appropriately. This involves building frameworks for simulated intelligence, chipping away at multiplayer usefulness, and creating gaming systems.

Quality control – As the videogame is being developed, it goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to identify and fix any errors or issues before it is launched. The videogame must be tested across a variety of platforms, performance issues must be identified, and the videogame must be reliable and enjoyable in order to do this.

Release and updates – When the game has been released to the public, Mytona continues to update and improve it based on user feedback and data analytics. Updates involve bringing the game’s content up to date, fixing bugs, and enhancing functionality.

Mytona prioritises player input and interaction throughout the whole production process. The business actively seeks player feedback and employs data analytics to pinpoint areas for enhancement and optimisation. It has proven itself as a pioneer in the mobile gaming sector by working cooperatively and staying committed to making entertaining, high-quality games.

Mytona’s way to deal with game plan

Mytona’s way to deal with game plan is revolved around making games that are drawing in, vivid, and enjoyable to play, while likewise producing income and building a reliable player base. The organization’s plan reasoning depends on a few key standards:

Storytelling – Mytona accepts that a solid, convincing storyline is fundamental to making an effective game. The organization invests a lot of energy into creating rich, definite storylines that attract players and keep them locked in.

Visuals – Mytona’s games are known for their staggering, excellent illustrations. The organization utilizes a group of gifted craftsmen and fashioners who work to make vivid, outwardly striking game universes that players will need to investigate.

Interactivity mechanics – Mytona’s games are intended to be testing and drawing in, with an emphasis on making interactivity mechanics that are natural and straightforward. The organization invests a lot of energy into growing new and creative ongoing interaction mechanics that make players want more and more.

Monetization – Mytona’s games are intended to be productive, and the organization utilizes an assortment of adaptation procedures to create income from their games. These remember for application buys, virtual cash frameworks, and premium substance.

Community Engagement – Mytona accepts that encouraging a feeling of local area among its players is fundamental to making an effective game. The organization attempts to set out open doors for players to cooperate with each other, for example, through virtual entertainment diverts and in-game occasions.

Mytona’s way to deal with game plan has been fruitful, with the organization’s games reliably positioning among the top versatile games on the planet. By zeroing in on making top caliber, vivid gaming encounters that connect with players and create income, Mytona has secured itself as a forerunner in the versatile gaming industry.


Mytona’s most famous games

Mytona has fostered a few well known games, but two of their best titles are Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary. Here is a short outline of these games:

Seekers Notes – Hidden Mistery – Seekers Notes is a hidden object game that takes players on an excursion through the baffling city of Darkwood. Players should address riddles and track down secret items to reveal the privileged insights of the city and its occupants. Seekers Notes has become unbelievably famous, with more than 20 million downloads and a solid, committed player base in its local area.

Cooking Diary – Tasty Hills – Cooking Diary is a cooking-themed time usage game that places players responsible for their own eatery. Players should deal with their kitchen, plan dishes, and serve clients to construct an effective café domain. The game highlights bright, lively illustrations and a wide assortment of dishes to prepare, making it a hit with foodies and relaxed gamers alike. Cooking Diary has likewise been a business achievement, with nearly 10 million downloads and a solid following among portable gamers.

Both of these games feature it’s assets in making drawing-in and outwardly engaging games that are not difficult to learn and amusing to play. Through their meticulousness and obligation to player commitment, it has had the option to fabricate effective, durable establishments that keep on drawing in new players and keeping a dedicated fan base.

Mytona’s approach to community engagement

Mytona puts serious emphasis on areas of strength for a local area commitment, perceiving that building areas of strength for a, local area of players is basic to the outcome of their games. Here are a few ways by which it draws players into their local area:

Social Media – Mytona is dynamic via online entertainment stages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they post news refreshes, sneak peeks of impending substance, and draw in players through remarks and direct messages.

In-game occasions – Mytona oftentimes runs in-game occasions and advancements to keep players drawn in and amped up for their games. These occasions frequently incorporate exceptional difficulties, new friends, and awards for players who partake.

Player feedback – Mytona effectively requests criticism from players through in-game overviews, web-based entertainment surveys, and different channels. They utilize this criticism to work on their games, fix bugs, and add new elements that players need.

Community forums – Mytona works an authority local area gathering where players can associate with one another, share tips and techniques, and give input to Mytona’s advancement group.

Client service – Mytona gives devoted client assistance to players who have questions or specialized issues with their games. This help is accessible through email, web-based entertainment, and in-game help channels.

By effectively captivating with their player local area, it has had the option to fabricate serious areas of strength for a, fan base that is enthusiastic about their games. This commitment has assisted them with recognizing and addressing issues rapidly, working on the nature of their games, and constructing a positive standing inside the versatile gaming industry.

Mytona gives close consideration to industry patterns and tries to integrate them into their games in imaginative ways. Here are a few instances of how it has answered industry patterns:

Mobile-first approach – Mytona perceives the significance of cell phones as the essential gaming stage for some players, and they have fostered their games with a portable first methodology. This implies that their games are enhanced for small screens and touch controls, making them simple and natural to play on cell phones and tablets.

Free-to-play model – Mytona has embraced the allowed to-play model, which has become progressively famous in the versatile gaming industry. Their games are allowed to download and play, however offer in-application buys for players who need to improve their interactivity experience.

Social highlights – Mytona has integrated social elements into their games, permitting players to interface with one another and share their advancement via web-based entertainment. This assists with building a feeling of local area and urges players to keep playing and drawing in with the game.

Live tasks – Mytona has executed a live activities procedure for their games, which includes continually refreshing and adding new happy to keep players locked in. This incorporates ordinary occasions, new levels, and different highlights that keep the game new and energizing for players.

Openness – Mytona has put forth attempts to make their games more open to a more extensive scope of players. For instance, they have executed highlights, for example, partially blind mode in Searchers Notes, which makes the game simpler for players with variety vision lacks.

By answering industry drifts and integrating new elements and ongoing interaction mechanics into their games, Mytona has had the option to remain important and keep a devoted player base.

The challenges and opportunities facing Mytona

Like any game improvement organization, Mytona faces various difficulties and valuable open doors in the continually developing versatile gaming industry. Here are a few models:


Competition – The portable gaming market is profoundly cutthroat, with huge number of games accessible for download. Mytona should find ways of standing apart from the group and draw in players to their games.

Monetization – While the allowed to-play model has become well known in versatile gaming, offsetting adaptation with player satisfaction can challenge. Mytona should track down ways of presenting in-application buys that improve the interactivity experience without feeling like a compensation to-win conspire.

Technology – As cell phones become further developed, Mytona should stay aware of the most recent advances to enhance their games for many gadgets and guarantee a smooth playing experience.


Development in mobile gaming – Versatile gaming is one of the quickest developing fragments of the gaming business, with a large number of players around the world. Mytona has the valuable chance to take advantage of this developing business sector and draw in new players to their games.

Developing business sectors – As cell phones become more reasonable and broad in developing business sectors, Mytona has the chance to extend their span and draw in players in areas like Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

New technologies – As new innovations like expanded reality (AR) and computer generated reality (VR) become more standard, Mytona has the chance to integrate these innovations into their games and proposition an exceptional ongoing interaction experience to players.

By keeping steady over industry patterns, staying aware of new advances, and tracking down ways of separating themselves from contenders, Mytona can proceed to develop and flourish in the portable gaming industry.

Mytona Video Game

Mytona’s plans for the future

Mytona has various designs for the future, as they keep on growing new games and extend their presence in the versatile gaming industry. Here are a few models:

Developing new games – Mytona is continually chipping away at new games, both in their current establishments and in new sorts. They have previously declared another game, “Cooking Journal 2: World Food,” as most would consider to be normal to be delivered in 2022.

Expanding their existing games – Mytona is additionally centered around extending their current games, with customary updates and new satisfied deliveries to keep players locked in. They have proactively delivered various updates for Searchers Notes and Cooking Journal, with more anticipated what’s to come.

Worldwide expansion – Mytona has areas of strength for an in the Russian and European business sectors, however they are likewise hoping to venture into different districts like Asia and Latin America. They have previously restricted their games into different dialects, and are investigating ways of bettering designer their games to nearby crowds.

Integrating new technologies – Mytona is watching out for arising advancements like AR and VR, and is investigating ways of integrating these advancements into their games. They have proactively explored different avenues regarding AR in Searchers Notes, and are searching for better approaches to upgrade the player experience with these advances.

Continued focus on player engagement – Mytona puts a high accentuation on local area commitment and criticism, and plans to proceed with this concentration later on. They consistently communicate with players via web-based entertainment and different stages, and use player criticism to illuminate their advancement interaction and work on their games.

Generally speaking, Mytona is centered around proceeded with development and advancement in the portable gaming industry, and has various plans set up to accomplish these objectives.

Feedback from players and critics

Mytona’s games have commonly gotten positive input from the two players and pundits, with a considerable number of their titles procuring high evaluations and good surveys on application stores and gaming sites. For instance, Seekers Notes has a typical rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Application Store, in view of more than 840,000 audits, while Cooking Diary has a typical rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, in light of more than 530,000 surveys.

It has likewise exhibited a pledge to drawing in with their player local area and integrating criticism into their improvement cycle. They keep a functioning presence via virtual entertainment stages like Facebook and Instagram, where they consistently speak with players and request input and ideas for working on their games. They additionally have ordinary in-game occasions and studies to accumulate criticism and check player feeling.

In light of this criticism, it has made various changes and updates to their games after some time. For instance, they have added new highlights and ongoing interaction mechanics, further developed execution and soundness, and changed their adaptation techniques in light of player criticism. They have likewise executed changes to address explicit worries raised by players, for example, adding more ways of procuring in-game money or changing the trouble level of specific game components.

In general, it seems to put a high worth on player criticism and commitment, and effectively integrates that input into their improvement cycle to work on their games and upgrade the player experience.

Potential components of Mytona’s philosophy

Mytona’s way of thinking with regards to making games that are both tomfoolery and productive likely includes offsetting player fulfillment with income age. Here are a few potential components of their way of thinking:

Player Satisfaction – Mytona probably accepts that making games that are charming and connecting with for players is the way to building an unwavering player base and creating long haul income. This implies planning games with convincing ongoing interaction, fascinating storylines, and excellent illustrations and sound.

Monetization – Mytona probably perceives that adaptation is a significant part of game turn of events and looks to execute adaptation systems that are fair and agreeable for players. This might remember offering players the capacity to make for application buys that upgrade their interactivity experience, while likewise guaranteeing that the game can be played and delighted in without burning through cash.

Information Driven Plan – Mytona probably utilizes information and investigation to illuminate their game advancement process, including recognizing player inclinations and ways of behaving and streamlining game mechanics and adaptation systems likewise.

Long-Term Engagement – Mytona probably centers around building games that offer long haul commitment for players, through customary substance updates, occasions, and social highlights that urge players to get back to the game over the long haul.

In general, Mytona probably accepts that making games that are both tomfoolery and productive requires an emphasis on player fulfillment, fair adaptation, information driven plan, and long haul commitment. By adjusting these elements, they can make games that are agreeable for players and productive for the organization.

Mytona probably utilizes different systems to keep awake to-date with the most recent patterns in portable gaming and integrate them into their own games. Here are a few potential ways they might do this:

Statistical surveying – Mytona might direct statistical surveying to recognize arising patterns and player inclinations in the portable gaming market. This could incorporate examining industry reports and information, checking web-based entertainment and gaming discussions, and directing overviews and center gatherings with players.

Industry Events – Mytona might go to industry occasions, for example, meetings and expos, to coordinate with other game engineers and find out about new advances and patterns in versatile gaming.

Joint effort and Association – Mytona might team up with other game engineers, innovation organizations, or stage suppliers to share information and skill and find out about new advancements in versatile gaming.

Inward Research and development – Mytona probably puts resources into innovative work to explore different avenues regarding new advancements and highlights that can be integrated into their games. They may likewise have devoted groups that emphasis on investigating recent fads and thoughts in versatile gaming.

Player Feedback – Mytona might pay attention to player input and integrate ideas and thoughts into their games. This could incorporate adding new elements or mechanics, improving ongoing interaction mechanics or UI, or carrying out new adaptation models.

In general, keeping awake to-date with the most recent patterns in portable gaming requires a blend of examination, trial and error, coordinated effort, and a promise to conveying top notch games that meet the developing necessities and assumptions for players. Mytona’s capacity to do this is reasonable a critical calculate their prosperity as a game improvement organization.

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