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Wednesday Netflix

Wednesday Addams Family

In Tim Burton’s retelling of the Wednesday Addams Family, we follow a teenage Wednesday Addams as she attends school at Nevermore Academy, an institution for young teens with special abilities and other social outcasts. Wednesday must figure out how to cope with the difficulties of high school while working to solve a mystery that dates back to the time her parents were academy students. Despite her best attempts, she finds out that it might be difficult to escape the consequences of her family’s experience.

Despite this season’s focus on Wednesday and her plot being primarily on her, the rest of the Addams family does makes a few appearances. These performers take on the roles of the fabled family, other “supernatural” and “ordinary” characters, as well as the citizens of Jericho and Nevermore.

As Sheriff Donovan Galpin, Jamie McShane

The father of Tyler Galpin, Sheriff Donovan Galpin, was born and raised in Jericho. He “has always had an issue with Nevermore Academy and vowed retribution against former student Gomez Addams.” Actor Jamie McShane, who has appeared in episodes of Sons of Anarchy, Gone Girl, CSI:Vegas, and The Lincoln Lawyer, plays the sheriff.

Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother and a former student of Nevermore Academy. Even though Zeta-Jones will only be seen in a handful of the eight episodes of this series, she brilliantly nails the “spooky elegance” of the part. Despite having a broad body of work, Catherine Zeta-Jones is probably best known for her roles in The Legend of Zorro, Chicago, and High Fidelity. She has recently made an appearance in the tv show Prodigal Son and it will make an appearance in the forthcoming Disney+ exclusive National Treasure: Zone of History, in addition to Wednesday.

As Larissa Weems, the principal, Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie, who is outstanding, plays Larissa Weems, the principal of Nevermore. Morticia’s childhood buddy Weems and the two of them engaged in friendly competition as students. A few of the genre movies Christie has appeared in include Game of Thrones, the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Severance, and most recently, Netflix’s The Sandman.

Luis Guzman, played by Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams, Morticia’s devoted husband, is the father of Wednesday. Although Wednesday is unaware of her dad’s involvement in a fatal mystery plaguing Nevermore’s hamlet of Jericho, his name won’t be kept a secret for long because to Wednesday’s propensity for investigation. Gomez is brought to life by Luis Guzm├ín, who you may recognise from the television programmes Punch Drunk Love, Narcos, and Shameless.

Marilyn Thornhill is played by Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci plays Marilyn Thornhill, the sole regular instructor at Nevermore. She takes on the role of the dorm mom for the students and works hard to gain Wednesday’s respect. Ricci played a teen Wednesday Addams in the movies The Wednesday Addams Family and Addams Family Values. She recently made appearances in The Matrix Resurrections and Yellowjackets.

Valerie Kinbott is played by Riki Lindhome

Dr. Valerie Kinbott, a resident of Jericho, is the therapist for Wednesday. Dr. Kinbott is played by Riki Lindhome, who also made a cameo in The Big Bang Theory and Knives Out.

As Tyler Galpin, Hunter Doohan

Sheriff Donovan Galpin’s son Tyler Galpin is a regular person who lives close to Nevermore Academy. Executive producer Miles Millar claims that this young barista is far more complex than initially appears: “Tyler’s the perfect lad next door who you realise has a deeper backstory.” Tyler is portrayed by Hunter Doohan, who you may recognise from the television series Truth Be Told, Your Honor, and Schooled.

Xavier Thorpe is played by Percy Hynes White

Though she was first annoyed with the other sex, Wednesday is captivated by Xavier Thorpe, a “strange” young man at Nevermore. Percy Hynes White is his given name. Thorpe is a talented psychological artist who has the ability to make his pieces seem to be bursting off the canvas. The Netflix series Between, the unsuccessful X-Men series The Gifted, and the current Twilight Zone relaunch may have made Percy Hynes White recognisable.

Enid Sinclair played by Emma Myers

Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s lively and exuberant roommate who also happens to be a werewolf, is portrayed by Emma Myers. Despite the fact that these two seem to be unlikely partners, they discover that they have a lot more to learn from one another. Prior to Wednesday, Myers had roles in the Lifetime original movie A Taste of Christmas and the Snapchat original series Dead of Night.

Ajax Petropolus is played by Georgie Farmer

Ajax Petropolus, a Gorgon who attends Nevermore and possesses the ability to turn people into stone with just his stare, is a figure from Greek mythology. Petropolus is played by Georgie Farmer, who also appeared in the Jason Bourne spin-off Treadstone and the Disney series Evermoor.

Uncle Fester, played by Fred Armisen

Comedian Fred Armisen plays Uncle Fester, who is Uncle Wednesday’s eccentric uncle. Even though Wednesday doesn’t trust many adults, she has faith that Fester can help her because he is knowledgeable about the Dark Arts. Despite the fact that Armisen has been in several movies, you probably know him best from his time on Saturday Night Live or from his appearances on Portlandia and Documentary Now! He has also appeared in many comedies, such as Brooklyn Nine Nine and New Girl.

Bianca Barclay as Joy Sunday

Bianca Barclay is the current ruler of Nevermore, at least until Wednesday appears. Despite the fact that Bianca has the power to sway others, she is also “hiding hidden truths and other burdens.” Although Bianca is rude to Wednesday, she is not your typical obnoxious female. Bianca is portrayed by Joy Sunday, who you may recognise from the movies The Beta Test, Good Trouble, and the television series Dear White People.

Pugsley Addams portrayed by Isaac Ordonez

The younger brother of Wednesday Addams, Puglsey, is portrayed by Isaac Ordonez. Wednesday’s protective side emerges from her frigid exterior, which she typically keeps covered. Ordonez’s first notable acting part was in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time, when he played Charles Wallace’s twin.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega

Given her notoriety in the horror films and her scene-stealing performances in the 2022 Scream sequel and Ti West’s X, it makes fitting that Jenna Ortega would be cast as a teenage Wednesday Addams. A fifteen-year-old student named Wednesday is defined as “fearless, unapologetically smart” and is new to Nevermore Academy. In addition to managing the complications of teenage relationships, she decides to investigate the murderous rampage that is sweeping the area where the Nevermore school is located. Additionally, in the Netflix drama series You, Ortega portrayed Ellie Alves.

As Yoko Tanaka, Naomi J. Ogawa

Yoko Tanaka, played by relatively inexperienced Naomi J. Ogawa, is an acquaintance of Bianca’s and one of Nevermore’s beneficiary “cool kids.” Tanaka is a “gothic vampire with a Harajuku influence.” In the science fiction movie Skylines from 2020, Ogawa had a prior role.

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